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IstasyonTEDU provides various training programs in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. The content of the program is being developed according to the questionnaire feedback of the participants.

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Training Programs

Training that IstasyonTEDU provides 

-Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation: Concept, Context and Implementation
-Social Innovation and Innovative Thinking Tools
-Social Innovation and Ecosystem Perspective
-Case Studies I: Social Innovation/ Entrepreneurship Case Studies from the Turkey
-Case Studies II: Social Innovation/ Entrepreneurship Case Studies from the World
-Social Innovation in the Public Sector: Good Practices and Collaboration Examples
-Social Innovation and Public Sector: Policy Aspect and Strategies
-Systems Thinking: System Mapping
-Systems Approach: Stakeholder Engagement
-Team Building, Community Building, Reaching the Target Audience
-Theory of Change Method
-Social Finance

Training that is being provided by stakeholders 

-Social Benefit-Oriented Production
-Social Impact I: What to consider? How to measure?
-Social Impact II: Management
-Design Thinking Workshop
-Digital Storytelling

A participant who successfully completes the program,

1.Defines the main concepts about social entrepreneurship and social innovation; gets information about the contexts and trends and distinguishes the social innovation practices from others.
2.Creates an analytical framework about social impact management.
3.Defines the target audience and stakeholder groups in a relational and multi-layered way when approaching the social problems within the frame of ecosystem and mutual dependence.
4.Defines organizational behaviors, develops/applies collective working strategies in the cooperation, interaction, community and team works.
5.Comprehends the role of storytelling in creating social change and uses its main principles in communication and engagement works.
6.Develops ideas about his/her organisation aimed at social innovation practices.
7.Defines social entrepreneurship and social innovation sectors and social finance market, have knowledge of methods and strategies that are appropriate for the ecosystem structure and distinguishes the differences of social finance tools.
8.Reinforces his/her knowledge on producing innovative solutions with test/pilot practices by applying design-thinking method as a reasoning and co-production style.