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Social Incubation

IstasyonTEDU provides a pilot Social Incubation Program opens to actors aiming to establish a social benefit-oriented, not-for-profit and sustainable model. In this incubation program, supports such as business development, providing space, intermediacy provided within the range of 12-18 months to the social entrepreneurs, social benefit-oriented actors.

Program provides customized solution services to various actors in the ecosystem for different needs. Since September 2016, 10 initiatives have been supported through the incubation program and 70 have been supported through pre-incubation services. Program accepts applications all year and is open to individual or team applications.

You can reach the pre-interview form by clicking on the button below to take part in the Social Incubation Program.

Incubation Program Teams

“A social enterprise that sets off to each of the approximately 60 thousand primary and secondary schools in Turkey to have at least one patent (design, utility models, trademarks, work). The aim of HOP is to spread the culture of production to the base with concrete outputs (new registrations) and to encourage children without competing for production while at their peak.”

“As a capacity development platform for producer groups with limited means of livelihoods, our aim is to facilitate the social and economic participation in society of the individuals and groups (women, disabled, immigrant etc.) with a basic production ability but cannot earn a living due to the external reasons and cannot participate in social life.”

Incubation Program Graduates

“Our goal is to provide a digital solidarity and open data platform that provides guidance on psychological and legal support to those who have been subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault in the public sphere, where they can share their experiences anonymously.”

“We tell the story of the theater.”


“ is an independent fact-checking organization based in Turkey. At a time when the trust in media is at all-time low, our main aims are to prevent false information from spreading online, help media consumers develop their media literacy skills, and develop methods to promote critical thinking.

We’ve been publishing analyses on in both Turkish and English languages on suspicious content especially in times of crisis since our launch on October 26, 2016. We also give fact-checking workshops and contribute to publications aiming at raising awareness about the importance of public access to factual information.”