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Knowledge Generation

IstasyonTEDU generates and shares knowledge on social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The State of Social Enterprise in Turkey

The State of Social Enterprise Report provides an insight on social enterprises’ current scale, scope and future potential. The report was published within the scope of British Council’s global Social Enterprise Programme that was launched in 2009 and is currently running in 31 countries.

The research that led by British Council and IstasyonTEDU was carried out by a consortium of TED University, Ashoka Turkey, İstanbul Bilgi University, Koç University Social Impact Forum, Mikado and Middle East Technical University since October 2018. The report of the research was published on 3th of July 2019.

You can reach the full report from here.

Ankara Social Innovation Ecosystem

Ecosystem approach grounds on the interaction between system, mechanisms, organizations and individuals. It makes it easier to realize; accumulations, inadequacies, comprehending the whole, values desired to be strengthened and social formations desired to be converted.Interaction and collaboration networks within the ecosystem need to be strengthened in order for the value generated by an ecosystem actor to go beyond its orbit and become a transformative force at the systems level. In order to do this, it is necessary to understand the roles of different actors in the system and the functions they perform. At the İstasyon, we wanted to share the ecosystem mapping process by focusing on the functions of the actors.

You can click here to explore Istasyon TEDU’s work on mapping the ecosystem.