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IstasyonTEDU, TED University Center for Social Innovation, was founded in April 2016. It is a non-profit social incubator and an open collaborative space aiming to contribute to the development of the social innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

IstasyonTEDU supports social entrepreneurs through its Social Incubation Programme (SIP) since September 2016. SIP provides a combination of non-financial support mechanisms (e.g. access to co-working space, meeting facilities, mentors, network, training opportunities). To date 76 social entrepreneurs have been supported.

Apart from the social incubation programme, IstasyonTEDU contributes to the development of research projects and programmes to support social innovation and social entrepreneurship, provides training on-demand in these areas, and contributes to curriculum development at TEDU.

 Istasyon TEDU organises (Istasyon Talks meetup) or hosts relevant events in Ankara. In cooperation with the Ankara Development Agency, IstasyonTEDU carries out policy dialogue meetings at the expert level to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship among public professionals. 7 meetings with a high level of participation from 16 ministries and 6 international organisations have been organised so far.

IstasyonTEDU also acts as an intermediary unit for university-society interaction in line with the ‘city university’ vision of TED University, thus participating in or developing projects and programmes to support relevant initiatives and activities. 

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