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Ankara Social Innovation Ecosystem

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Ankara Social Innovation Ecosystem

Ecosystem approach grounds on the interaction between system, mechanisms, organizations and individuals. It makes it easier to realize; accumulations, inadequacies, comprehending the whole, values desired to be strengthened and social formations desired to be converted.Interaction and collaboration networks within the ecosystem need to be strengthened in order for the value generated by an ecosystem actor to go beyond its orbit and become a transformative force at the systems level. In order to do this, it is necessary to understand the roles of different actors in the system and the functions they perform. At the İstasyon, we wanted to share the ecosystem mapping process by focusing on the functions of the actors.

1: Scanning and Interpretation

In the first stage, literature review was conducted on international studies that carried out ecosystem analysis. Instead of creating a list of actors, the questions of “Which actor contributed to the ecosystem by performing which function? or which mechanisms in the ecosystem activated by his/her own existence?” arose during the scanning. Function categorization of the ecosystem was the most challenging issue. As a result, the following list of functions shaped:

  • Capacity building
  • Funding
  • Legal regulation
  • Intermediary / accelerator/ incubation / facilitator
  • Research / information production
  • Social entrepreneurship / social innovation

You can click here to explore Istasyon TEDU’s work on mapping the ecosystem.