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An Interdisciplinary Interface Feasibility for Innovative Solutions

With the “Feasibility of Design-Oriented and Interdisciplinary Interface Installation in Creating Innovative Solutions to Social Problems” that carried out within the scope of Ankara Development Agency’s 2018 Feasibility Support Program, a model in this field is aimed to be created in Ankara.

Within the scope of the project, an interdisciplinary team consisting of academicians from different faculties and experts from different units of TED University is working on the feasibility of a design-oriented, interdisciplinary and sustainable interface structure which facilitates interaction and joint production between the university and social and economic actors. Future designs will be created by using methods such as ecosystem mapping and model positioning after the current situation determination.

With the implementation of the feasibility outputs to be achieved as a result of the project, it is expected that the potential of Ankara’s social innovation will be revealed and that it will contribute to social and economic development in the long term.